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Disability support. child friendly. 

DMDI endeavours to care for all patients to the best of our ability. Please review the details below or contact DMDI with any other queries to ensure your experience is easy and comfortable. 

patients USING Wheelchairs

There are no stairs in our practice (Unit 9) and ramp access is available at the front of the building at 1175 Toorak Road Camberwell. Doors to Unit 9 are designed for wide access. DMDI is on the ground floor.

Convenient parking is usually available right in front of the building, but parking for people with disabilities is also available via our basement. If you require this please call DMDI to organise access.

If you cannot transfer on your own from your chair, you may need to bring someone with you to help move to another chair for the examination. Please contact DMDI to discuss the requirements of your examination/s.

Ramp at the front of 1175 Toorak Road.

Hearing assistance

If you are deaf or hard of hearing, DMDI has both a static and mobile loop that operate within the practice.  Please note you will need to remove any hearing aids prior to diagnostic treatment, however you can use your devices before and after so that you fully understand the procedures and requirements. (Turn on your T switch when you come into the practice)

Younger Children

The patient-friendly nature of the technology, together with a low radiation dose, makes the centre of great advantage when imaging children. Our staff will explain the procedure to you and your child and answer any questions.

OPG/Ceph images are captured in 7-8 seconds. Our state of the art 3D Accuitomo 170 Cone Beam CT is usuallya 17.5 second scan, but for patients who have difficulty remaining immobile this can be reduced to 9 seconds.

dmdi front door

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