Cone Beam CT Imaging at DMDI


high resolution. low dose.

J.Morita 3D Accuitomo 170
Image courtesy of J.Morita Corporation


  • DICOM for Orthognathic surgery also known as corrective jaw surgery 
  • Implant Planning
  • Endodontics
  • Orthodontics
  • Periodontics
  • Prosthodontics
  • Wisdom Teeth / Nerve Tracing
  • Sinus / ENT
  • Airways / Sleep Apnoea
  • TMJ Dysfunction
  • Facial Bones (including Cleft Palate)
  • Temporal Bones / IAMs


At DMDI, we provide both the diagnostic quality and service required to help you deliver a clear treatment plan. This means we produce custom workups for each case, emailed within 24 hours of examination. We also mail a disc containing J.Morita's easy review software (One Volume Viewer), and DICOM files so the data can be easily interrogated by the clinician. Referrers may request remote access to the DMDI server. If you require software training, we can visit your practice or guide you over the phone.


All diagnostic imaging is reported by a qualified and registered radiologist with dental training.  The report will be completed and sent within 48 hours, or earlier if urgently requested by the referrer.


DMDI have invested in a top of the line dedicated CBCT, the J.Morita Accuitomo 170, to ensure we provide the highest quality 3D examinations. This versatile device can produce imaging from a single tooth/site (40x40mm FOV), right up to whole facial structures (170mm x 120mm) in a single 360 degree rotation. Boasting resolutions of up to 80 microns, the A170 is the perfect CBCT choice for any dental and maxillofacial diagnostics.

cbct vs helical ct:

Cone Beam CT offers several advantages over Helical CT, which is commonly used for medical examinations. The primary benefits are a significantly reduced radiation dose to the patient, and much higher spatial resolutions that are crucial when examining dental structures. Most CBCT devices also have good metal artefact reduction compared to Helical CT; very important for patients with restorations or implants. If you would like further information or simply wish to discuss CBCT, please contact DMDI.


As the current Medicare rebate is insufficient to cover the cost of conducting CBCT radiology, this is privately billed on the day of examination. DMDI does provide discounts for Health Care Card and Pension Card holders. EFTPOS, Debit card, Visa or Master Card, and Cash are all accepted (no Diners, Amex or cheque). Patients referred for dental imaging by medical practitioners or dental specialists are entitled to a Medicare rebate, which can be processed at the time of service. Please contact DMDI if you have any specific queries regarding CBCT billing.

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